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Undergraduate Courses - Madrid

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The Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design, at the level of an official University Degree (4 years – 240 ECTS), trains professionals capable of devising new ways of communicating, reinventing the value of the image as a communication tool in our society and of working in an effective and innovative manner with companies’ values and ideals.

Students acquire a solid technical and humanistic foundation that will allow them to lead visual identity projects, design editorial productions for print and digital media or build interfaces and applications for new devices, and also to develop advertising campaigns.

IED Madrid offers the conceptual, technical and multidisciplinary education necessary to be trained with all the tools and in all the areas, both graphic and digital, for designing through languages such as photography, illustration, infographics, video, animation and device interfaces.

This Course is held also in: São Paulo - 
  • Credits
  • Start date
    September 2022
  • Duration
    4 years
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Training Paths

The Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design offers a series of subjects that allow students to specialise from the second year onwards in one of the following four areas:
Introduction to the world of strategy as a basic tool for effectively proposing branding projects in innovative contexts. Analysing the client’s reality and context in order to develop communication plans and graphic design elements in all types of media: stationery, publications, websites, posters, audiovisuals, packaging, signs etc. 
Learning the particular features of design in digital and interactive media. Development of websites and applications for new platforms, design of digital publications, interfaces and objects in the field of connectivity and the Internet of Things.
Training in state-of-the-art areas of specialisation. Programming and designing devices, environments and experiences that meet the demand of the latest technologies. Delving into the new environments and technologies that will shape the entertainment of the future, creating interactive projections and designing virtual and augmented reality, smart objects etc. 
Initiation in the multiple tasks of art direction, such as leading creative teams on the basis of the commercial strategy, in-depth analysis of targets, products and audiences, marketing campaigns in innovative contexts, services and user experience from the perspective of new media and advertising environments.

Professional Opportunities

Our students are trained with a multidisciplinary approach that allows them to perform their work in very diverse areas of visual communication:

Design studios and consultancies
Advertising and brand agencies
Signage, packing and packaging companies
Pre-printing and printing industry
Audiovisual and videogame production companies
Press, book and record publishers
Interactive development studios
Art industry