Higher Level Training Course in the Development of Web Applications

Undergraduate Courses - Madrid

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The IED Madrid Higher Level Training Cycle in Development of Web Applications prepares our students to become programmers with advanced knowledge in digital design, which is one of the most in demand profiles in the market. Learn how to develop, implement and maintain web applications, mastering the different types of programming languages and tools that are most common in this field. Address concepts such as usability and user experience while delving deeper into the specifics of digital design.

Aimed at those young people who want to orient their professional work within the area of programming and developing applications with web technologies in the field of creative industries.

  • Credits
  • Start date
    September 2022
  • Duration
    2 years
  • Attendance
  • Language

This training cycle offers the necessary training to become a professional technician with qualified skills for developing web applications and for their visual design.

A profile that combines the knowledge of the programmer and that of the designer and one that is highly sought after in the job market. You will experience what you learn on a set and in classrooms and workshops equipped with the latest technologies through theoretical and practical training and participating in real projects with companies.

After completing the two-year studies, students obtain an official qualification of 2000 hours equivalent to 120 ECTS which is valid and recognised throughout the European Higher Education Area. This allows access to other training programmes, scholarships and grants from the Ministry.


Professional Opportunities

Our students are trained with a multidisciplinary approach that allows them to perform their work in the field of programming and digital design:

Web programmer.

Multimedia programmer.

Developer of applications in web environments.

Software development in the field of creative industries.

Implementation of specific visual components for software development.

Web analytics technician.