International Double Qualification Programme in Graphic Design and Grafica Pubblicitaria

Undergraduate Courses - Madrid

IED gives students the chance to live an international experience studying in Madrid and Italy, the cradle of design, learning from the best professionals.

This programme takes place the first two years in Madrid, the third one in Florence and the fourth year in Madrid again and it is aimed at students who want to develop their career in an international environment.

This international double qualification is enriched with the study of the Italian language, and with workshops and seminars in the field of design and advertising.

  • Credits
    240 ECTS
  • Start date
    September 2019
  • Duration
    4 years
  • Attendance
  • Language

The market is looking for professionals to face new communication projects in the area of ​​graphic design and communication. The possibility of acquiring a International Double Qualification will provide the most comprehensive tools to become a graphic designer and the channels and languages ​​of communication that all companies demand.
Students will become professionals who are able to develop content for different media and work with their own language and narrative capacity which can be creatively applied to any project.
The different subjects will introduce students to an advanced package of digital tools, photography and video, the ability to network and participate in workshops, seminars and international competitions. Mandatory curricular work experience is also carried out at outstanding and innovative companies in the sector and will give students the chance to implement what they have learned.

These academic programs include extra didactic activities aimed to ease the knowledge and understanding of the italian system linked to the fashion and design world that will boost a full immersion experience in the italian cultural and professional context: the cradle of design.

At the end of their studies, students will obtain a spanish Título Superior Oficial en Diseño Gráfico + an italian Diploma Privato Triennale in Grafica Pubblicitaria.