October 22, 2020

Alumnus Davide Bertuccio is the winner of the Canon Young Photographers Award

The photojournalist from Messina, who graduated from IED in 2016, triumphed with the project "Il silenzioso battito delle loro mani" (The silent clap of their hands). While 8 former students took part in a cycle of Photography conversations in IED Milan

This is a photographic story regarding a sense of emptiness, like the one particularly felt by Claudio, a circus showman. His existence is made even more fragile and lonely (compared to a “normal” feeling of solitude) since – due to the COVID-19 emergency – there are no longer spectators cheering for him.

It was thanks to “Il silenzioso battito delle loro mani project that the photojournalist Davide Bertuccio – an IED alumnus graduated in Photography in 2016 – won the Canon Young Photographers Award. This was presented to him on stage at the Cortona ON THE MOVE festival, in the presence of Massimiliano Ceravolo (Marketing Director at Canon Italia) and Beatrice Ravelli (Channel Business Developer).

29-year-old Davide from Messina, was one of the best under-25 Italian talents already whilst being a student and in 2019 was then selected by the 6×6 World Press Photo Global Talent Program. His works have been published (among others) by National Geographic, D-La Repubblica, i-D and others, and have won both national and international awards, with exhibitions in various Festivals around the world.

ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY ALUMNI – The Cortona On The Move festival (which saw Davide winning the Canon Award) was born in 2011 from an idea ofthe ONTHEMOVE Cultural Association. The latter was founded by a former student (Antonio Carloni, IED Photography graduate, class 2004), with the aim of disseminating and promoting contemporary photography in search of new visions as well as original forms of visual communication.

Eight IED Milano Photography Alumni were the protagonists of a just concluded cycle of conversations aimed at IED students and members of the TAU Visual Professional Photographers Association. This was a mini-festival attended by young artists, photographers and creative producers to encourage, inspire and favour change during this uncertain, but potentially revolutionary, time.