January 13, 2022

Best Student Film Animation: the thesis Momoko wins in London

The animated short film by Silvia Maggiorotto, Andrea Prestinenzi, Elia Tonicello, recent graduates in Animation, won an award at The Soho London Independent Film Festival

The delicacy of a graphic style inspired by traditional painting and watercolour. An intimate, exciting story that speaks of affection and feelings. This is how the animated short Momoko, made in IED, won over the international judges of the famous Soho London Independent Film Festival, taking top honours in the Best Student Film Animation category.

Its authors are Silvia Maggiorotto, Andrea Prestinenzi and Elia Tonicello, all recent graduates (July 2021) of the Illustration and Animation programme at IED Milan. Momoko was their thesis project, for the most part made using traditional animation and digital painting.

THE PLOT – After losing his wife, an elderly Japanese man lives a grey, lonely life…until something extraordinary happens. His last days are brightened by an unexpected creature, as “monstrous” as it is lively and affectionate.

One of the biggest challenges was to give shape to a creature with a huge body but the behaviour of a puppy,” says Andrea Prestinenzi, co-director and author of the pre-production, character and set design for the short film, which took almost a year to make. “We are very pleased with the result and would like to improve it even more, to make it an even more professional film.

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