May 31, 2021


Margherita Caspani and Anna Spreafico's projects stand out in the international competition launched by the China Artists Association to represent the Giant Panda

Works by Anna Spreafico (pictured) and Margherita Caspani dedicated to the endangered Panda will be on display at an exhibition in Shenzhen, China.

The two students, in their third year of Illustration and Animation at IED Milan, took part in the international Global Panda Illustration Competition 2020, organised by the prestigious China Artists Association and distributed in Italy by the Associazione Autori di Immagini. Furthermore, they were among the finalists.

The challenge was to illustrate the Giant Panda – the adorable, endangered animal of Chinese origin – which has become the country’s symbol and “national treasure” following a major government campaign to protect its remaining numbers. The competition, aimed at artists from all over the world and now in its eighth year, was launched in collaboration with the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Nestled in the countryside, the centre is an innovative ecological project for ex situ conservation of the giant panda, which boasts awards and collaborations from all over the world and is based in the heart of China.

Moreover, it was in China, at the Shenzhen headquarters of the China Artists Association, that the two students should have gone as a prize. With their tea-swilling panda and the cute animal in shades of pink, Spreafico and Caspani won the prize: a round trip to the Shenzhen Illustration Association. Due to the health emergency, Spreafico and Caspani will not be able to enjoy the prize, but in the meantime they have already received the official certificate and praise from the Association.

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