January 20, 2012

Great success at White for (PR)OGGETTI IN DENIM

The (PR)OGGETTI IN DENIM (Projects/Objects in Denim) has met a great success in the last few days at White. The initiative was realized by Care label in collaboration with Style Magazine and IED Moda Milano and involved 4 IED students and former students of Fashion Design who were coordinated by the Special Projects Area and by the teacher-supervisor Tommaso Basilio.

The selected young fashion designers  are Ingrid Audano, Vincenzo Lattanzio, Stefano Lo Muzio and Fabio Misceo. They were asked to design and realize four accessories by starting from the selvedge denim by Care label. The students had to think about an accessory outside the world of the denim, and to de-contextualize it by interpreting the different usages and by playing with fabric inserts in an unusual way.

The work resulted in four unique and original pieces that were strongly expressive and could be used in different ways according to the different people’s life-styles: a tuxedo band that becomes a sportswear backpack that changes, in this way, from formal to casual, by keeping mixed elements in both cases; a shoulder bag for documents that hides – inside – a real desk set in ‘30s style and becomes a bow tie in an original selvedge denim and needle-punched leather; headphones hiding a hat, that, in turn, becomes a comfortable portable pillow for the long travels in the underground while listening to the music; a denim backpack with built-in wool and PVC hood and removable mantle that can be used for books, for the computer or to protect yourself from the mud during a rock festival.

The pathway of the young creative designers of IED follows a first objects realized by the initiative PR(OGGETTI) IN DENIM: sunglasses with rubber frontal and arms covered by denim fabric. The glasses was realized thanks to the collaboration between Leopoldo Durante and Italia Independent, a brand of creativity and style established by Lapo Elkann.