March 20, 2020

IED Alumni: Ke Yun Luo

Before studying Interior Design in IED, Ke Yun Luo had studied painting for two years, but those courses were not what she was looking for, so she changed her plans and started again in IED. After graduating she has been working as interior designer: first she did an internship in a studio and then moved on to another one designing luxury furniture.

IED helped her creative skills in many ways: “I was always encouraged to express my thoughts and to take into account the particularities of each project to make relevant adjustments. In addition to professional knowledge, the school also helps the students by providing some job opportunities. My first internship was recommended by the school, so I was lucky enough to participate in the event celebrating 50 years of IED”.

She found out that IED would let her practice her skills on projects that were real, it was of great help to her future work.

Currently she has completed a lot of design projects at the furniture company she worked for and
they can be found in her portfolio.

Speaking of her future she says: “No matter what kind of work I will do, I’ll try to do my best, which is also what IED taught me: as long as your work hard, you will get good results and affirm your skills, no matter what your nationality is”.