Milan Rome

November 30, 2020


IED Roma and IED Milano are the undisputed protagonists in the Students category - winning first and second place respectively - at the ADCI Awards 2020, which is the most important prize for creativity in advertising communication.

The following are IED Roma newly graduates of the three-year course in Communication Design, who won gold thanks to the New York Times Plug In campaign: Beatrice Saverino (Art Director), Mauro Conte (Art Director) and Adriana Pistolese (Copywriter). The idea is to propose a solution to avoid filter bubbles. In fact, algorithms nowadays tend to feed us the information they think we may find more interesting. The result is that we only read news that reflect our interests. The purpose of the NYT Plug in is to circumvent the cookie system to give anyone browsing the internet the opportunity to learn different points of view. The creative team was led by Professor Massimiliano Traschitti.

Click HERE to take a look at the New York Times Plug In campaign.

The following are IED Milano newly graduates in Communication Design, who won silver thanks to The Kingdom Menu campaign: Alessia Lullo (Art Direction), Carlotta Rubinato (Copywriting and Content Design), Francesco Pomarici (Art Direction), Massimo D’Arienzo (Art Direction), Sofia Lorini (Copywriting and Content Design) and Viviana Sandrini (Art Direction). This project is based on a simple and easy concept, which focuses on home delivery services. Until we can travel again, Burger King will bring a taste of travelling to you thanks to its home deliveries of the coolest hamburgers whose menu is inspired by the cuisine of different countries around the world. They will of course be prepared in the kitchen of the nearest and specially-equipped fast food restaurant. Professors Alessandro Candito and Matteo Grandese lead the creative team.

Click HERE to take a look at the The Kingdom Menu campaign.