September 22, 2020

#ihavethisability: the communication students’ campaign reaches the podium at the D&AD Awards

A new tale of sexuality with disabilities: I can’t stand up, but I can be on top. I can’t see, but I can make you see the stars. I can’t drive, but I can ride.

These are just some of the messages underlying the winning #ihavethisability campaign, created for the brief issued by the Durex brand for the D&AD New Blood Awards, the competition dedicated to young talents delving into the world of communications, which took second place (silver) in the New Blood Entry category. Its creators, Giulia Teruzzi and Joshua Mancini, are third year Communication Design students (specialising in Art Direction) at IED Milan, under the supervision of teachers Matteo Grandese and Alessandro Candito.

This original creative campaign that won over the international jury had a clear goal: to close the “gap” between disability and sexuality with a communication message that would “normalize” the taboo and would show how sex is “beautiful in all of its forms, as long as it is safe.” Even when its seems like it could not be part of some people’s lives due to physical disabilities.

The wide-reaching #ihavethisability campaign, conceived by these two future communication designers from Istituto Europeo di Design, thus consists of a series of messages (featured on billboards and in video communications) highlighting how disabled people develop “other abilities” to compensate for those they lack: a blind person, for example, can develop an extremely acute sense of touch. The students therefore gave a voice to disabled people by showing how their disabilities can give rise to other abilities, even to be exploited in bed.

The silver won by the IED Milan students in the 2020 New Blood Awards is the latest in a long series of national and international awards earned over the past two years by the IED Milan Communications division, including the award for best creative School in Italy.

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