May 10, 2016


Students from master courses of Interior Design and of the First Level Master in Design IED Milano attended the workshop organized by Material Connexion Italia, a training sessions led by James Burchill, PhD candidate at Brunel University London – HCDI, to bring LTM materials to our students.
The workshops aimed at getting the students familiar with radically new materials, introducing them to LTM project and investigating the potentialities of the newly developed materials. After a short overview on commercially available innovative materials, the students learned more about LTM OLEDs and piezo plastics and the great potentials offered by their joint application. A short design exercise helped them to better understand LTM materials features and to unlock their creativity envisioning potential uses.
These workshops are part of the LTM project outcomes, which comprise both educational modules for researchers and training modules for design practitioners. Besides the training sessions also an educational online course will be released soon by UCL – Institute of Making and structured around LTM as a case study. This MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is aimed at groups of researchers – materials scientists, engineers and designers – who are about to undertake interdisciplinary design-driven materials research projects.

To know more about the materials presented during the workshop, visit