May 31, 2021

Pre-design: the Master in Interior Design analyses scenarios and trends with Nextatlas

A partnership has been launched to give students and teachers free access to the pioneering trend forecasting platform

Before realising any concept and developing it in the design phase, it is clear that every designer has to go through a careful analysis phase, necessary to arrive at a creative idea which takes into account current and future trends, and which is therefore based on a clear and delineated scenario.

From last April and until the end of the course (autumn 2021), the students of the Master in Interior Design will have a cutting-edge tool at their disposal for this purpose – the Nextatlas trend forecasting platform: they have already started using it for analyses aimed at understanding the market in which they operate, the habits and new needs of consumers, the values and aesthetics that inspire them, as well as emerging trends.
However, that’s not all: thanks to its wealth of data, it can also be used in the project validation phase, to support the proposal to be presented to clients (among which, for the 2021 students, there is once again the well-known French DIY company Leroy Merlin).


Sources, Analyses, Forecasts: Nextatlas – owned by iCoolHunt S.p.A. – identifies and analyses information from innovators and early adopters from different sectors, active on social media and web sources, thus enabling easy and immediate visualisation of trends as well as insights into emerging consumer behaviour. Nextatlas applies Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technologies for content analysis (visual & content analysis) in order to generate both automated and curated insights, making it possible to visualise trends and insights related to emerging consumer behaviour in a simple and immediate way.