Fashion Design

Major in Shoes and accessories design

Three year Courses - Milan

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The Fashion Design course has as its objective to give the student a solid base regarding the various aspects of this field, exploring both the methods and the technical-operations side, helping to form a highly flexible specialist capable of working in various types of environments and disciplines: from the small artisanal producer, to the small-medium size company, all the way up to the largest multinationals.

Professional profiles: Fashion Designer, Textile Designer, Product Manager

The course is recognized by Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR) as an Academic Diploma Level I (180CF)

This Course is held also in: Rome -  Turin -  Milan -  Rome -  São Paulo - 
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  • Start date
    October 2017
  • Duration
    3 years
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The universe of accessories (bags, shoes, small leather goods, etc.) is known as one of the most vital and interesting in contemporary fashion from the point of view of creativity. The design of these products is currently one of the most important areas in the economy tied to the worldwide fashion system. The accessory has, over time, evolved from a simple piece accompanying clothes, to an iconic object and status symbol, which has become associated with an undisputed esthetic and stylistic value: in parallel, both their design and the professionalism associated with them have conquered an ever more preeminent role in the reality of fashion.

In order to gain confidence in design basics, the first year programme includes theoretical studies as well as practice-based modules focused on designing. In the second year studies go on upon the knowledge that students have acquired in the previous 2 semesters. The third and final year is dedicated to improving work skills up to professional industry standards. Therefore, the fifth and sixth semester are dedicated to the Final Project and to preparing the students for their professional life after IED.


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  • 3

    • Design Project 4

      Sports Shoes Collection. Design and creation of a coordinated collection of sports shoes. Shapes and trends, research and development of a theme, in-depth study of the production situation in the accessories area.

    • Workshop 4

      Design of hats. Intensive workshop aimed at the analytic study of principles of hats design in the creative and technical perspective. The hat as a practical accessory, a detail of elegance, a status symbol.

    • Cinema, Fashion And Music Criticism

      Study of the different languages in cinema, fashion and music through the analysis of the main genres within a historical, social and cultural perspective.

    • Portfolio

  • 1

    • Computer 1

      Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash. Training for the most popular software used for retouching, image management, drawing and moving images. A preparatory course in IT will be available.

    • Technical Drawing Accessories 1

      Technical study of the accessory (shoes and bags) and graphic rendering; style and form synthesis and drafting setting. Illustrative techniques and rendering.

    • Fashion Drawing

    • Contemporary Fashion

      Analysis of contemporary fashion design: the most infl uential designers of recent years, styles, emerging personalities, fashion weeks, fashion culture on-line, current events.

    • Design Project

      First design project of accessories collection: the objective is to learn to manage the creative stream from the observation of reality to the identifi cation of a methodology up to the realization and communication of a product.

    • Fashion Pattern Making And Tailoring Techniques 1

      Transformation and recomposition The course is based on the TR Technique (Transformation and Recomposition) and aims to develop a sense of balance for fashion model design and for stylized shapes. Basic sartorial techniques will be learned through laboratory work.

    • Material Technology 1

      The course investigates the main types of fibres, analysing strengths, dyes, processing techniques and suitable uses. Study of the evolution of materials used in fashion.

    • Material Technology 2

      Leather: theoretical, technical and practical introduction to leather. Starting from production to the main processing techniques up to possibilities of employment.

    • Modern And Contemporary Art

      Historical and critical analysis of the main movements in modern and contemporary art in relation to the evolution of society and culture.

    • Colour

  • 2

    • Visual Culture

    • Technical Drawing Accessories 2

      Bags, small leather goods

    • Fashion Trend Project

      Study of the “trend” concept: the objective is to identify and analyse some contemporary trends and to express them through scenarios, images and signs of reference.

    • Metal Details

      The course – through the analysis of materials and specific processing technology - focuses on the study and design of metal details and ornaments (nails, buckles, hooks, etc) to apply on shoes, bags, small leather goods.

    • Personal Design 2/3

      A lab dedicated to the personalization and the synthesis of the fashion drawing, focusing on the expression of creativity, the potentials of sign and colour as well as the experimentation of manual skills and different representation techniques.

    • Design Project 2/3

      Men and women accessories collection. Design project and realization of two accessories collections, for men and women, in which different materials and colours must be experimented to build shapes, volumes and lines following contemporary trends and market requests.

    • Fashion Semiotic

      The study of symbols as essential elements in communication, including the output of the fashion designer. In particular, fashion can be viewed as a narrative determined by a specific symbolic code, setting it apart from other types of communication.

    • Fashion Sistem

      The fashion product: from the pipeline concept to the specifi c features of textile districts, study of the production and distribution logics, analysis of the main phenomena in the contemporary fashion industry.

    • History Of Fashion

      The evolution of styles and tastes in Western fashions from its origins to the mid- nineteenth century. In addition to providing a basic historical and cultural grounding, the course sets out to stimulate the development of the critical and analytical skills necessary for students to interpret contemporary trends.

    • Techniques Of Accessories Modeling Man/woman

      Bags, small leather goods and shoes Lab practice aimed at learning techniques for the creation and development of a model for accessories. Focus on woman fashion products.

    • Materials Technology 2

      Leather.Analysis of leather: structure, composition, dyeing, processing techniques and employment in the product sectors. Historic evolution of leather within the fashion system.