Drawing and Illustration Techniques

Continuing Study Programs - Milan

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The Drawing and Illustration Techniques course progressively deals with the different modalities of graphic and pictorial representation of reality and objects of our imagination. Knowing how to draw above all means knowing how to observe, being able to translate the dimensions of the real into images and knowing how to interpret them in a personal way. The educational process harmoniously intersects the acquisition of the different illustration techniques (graphic techniques, engraving, water painting techniques, pastels, pen and brush, oil) with the study of real life drawing and the study of human anatomy, in search of a personal and communicative imprint.

Admission requirements: no specific previous preparation is required. 

Language: The lessons are held in Italian language; to attend the course, is required a good knowledge of Italian language reading and oral comprehension.

  • Start date
    January 2018
  • Duration
    270 hours
  • Attendance
  • Language


Instinctive drawing: 21 hours

Real life drawing: 27 hours

Drawing the scenographic space: 27 hours

Anatomy: 27 hours

Drawing of the human figure: 27 hours

Colour and mixed techniques: 24 hours

Engraving and print: 27 hours

Illustration techniques: 30 hours

Computer Painter: 30 hours

Character design: 30 hours