Literacy and Photoshop: Image digitalisation and processing

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With the appropriate software, image digitalisation makes it possible to carry out a wide range of operations: image retouching, correction, and integration, processing with special effects, editing of several images, use of painting techniques. The Literacy and Photoshop:Image digitalisation and processing course develops students’ acquisition of the fundamental tools, functions, and procedures of Photoshop in relation to its stylistic and expressive potential, as well as its possible applications in the professional field and in personal research.

Language: The lessons are held in Italian language; to attend the course, is required a good knowledge of Italian language reading and oral comprehension.

  • Start date
    November 2021
  • Duration
    3 months
  • Attendance
  • Language

Admission requirements: knowledge of the operative system.

The Literacy and Photoshop:Image digitalisation and processing is the first unit of the Digital Graphics course which consists of other different units:
Illustrator CS6 Adobe Suite - 45 hours
InDesign CS6 Adobe Suite - 45 hours