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Creative approach, stylistic or market oriented, ability to analyse trends, consciousness of products, knowledge of distribution channels and their dynamics, lead a student to choose a career as Retail Manager, working with digital and traditional distribution channels, or as Buyer, who deals with selection and purchase of the products. Sensitivity towards shapes and materials, understanding of consumers and industrial processes, help to develop skills that are useful for the Product Manager, who transforms the creative inspiration  into a collection with commercial potential.  Comprehension of value, positioning and images, skills in communication through traditional and digital channels, and capability of strategic elaboration, prepare students to work as Brand Managers, who handle every aspect related to a brand, and as Communication Managers, in charge for brand’s narration towards the related target.

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Tatiana Boeckx x Graanmarkt 13

Tatiana Boeckx, Fashion Marketing student at IED Milano, developed a communication plan for Graanmarkt 13 on how to communicate the building as a whole and how to embrace the clients more, taking in consideration 3 main topics like intimacy, durability and sustainability. The aim in the end is to create a full menu of experiences, a Graanmarkt 13 universe, where clients can find anything they like and need. The aim is to create the ultimate store of the future, since Graanmarkt 13 has the potential to grow and to lead the way into a new retail form, in Antwerp for starters and as an inspiration internationally.
Graanmarkt 13 already has the best offer for their clients; the main goal must be creating a deep and 360 degree relation with the consumers. “Escapism” is the word of the year for brands and retailers according to the report, Graanmarkt 13 can make the client escape with them, into a universe of wonderful objects for life and adapted bonding activities. Retail needs to entertain their consumers in a way as otherwise the whole online business will take over. Graanmarkt 13 sure can inspire people to do so, taking pictures of the delicious food #foodporn or the beautiful building #travelgram or the pieces of sustainable clothing they just bought, #ootd.


Re-Generation is a project developed by Giulia Guazzone, student in Fashion Marketing at IED Milano that reflects on fast fashion phenomenon and its environmental impact. This project aims at showing how recycling brands can attract a younger target understanding its key values, characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, and learning how they could differentiate themselves from fast fashion brands. This project analyses how brands that are already working with recycling materials could improve their communication skills, becoming appealing for a wider target and more competitive in the fashion market.


Centennials are the newest consumer segment coming to light in ages between approximately 7-23 years old. They are digital natives and grown up with the Internet. This demands a different communication and behaviour online and offline, with wider transparency for brands and better creatively created online communication strategies. There is a positioning in the market for a online community where experience and activity comes first in order to gain friends and life experience. The objective with the online community would then be to create a more subtle way of communicating and reaching the consumers by letting them come to you. Where trough the interaction and experience between brand and consumer create a more loyal and stable bond.
This is why Sam Nyqvist, Fashion Marketing student at IED Milano, created the online community called PULP Community which will be produced in form of an app. The app will focus on the experience of a city in forms of various activities and events, which is both user generated and as promotional efforts by brands.

The gallery Il Ponte Contemporanea changed into an exhibition space where the public could interact with clothes, accessories and jewels relised by IED graduate students.

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