Human Trace

The five looks use soft fabrics, creases and pleats to explore the volumes of men’s clothing.

The fabrics move, creating ripples and clear lines. Various textures and weights complete the collection, combining woollen cloth and a light, almost transparent jersey with faux leather and light pleated organza, fabrics produced by among others Texmoda, and Miroglio committed to Detox guideline to eliminate hazardous chemical toxic substances.

Through an expert choice of neutral colours and refined needlework, the Human Trace team describes human beauty, ripples and the textures of our skin, while stitching and tatting leave digital stamps on the fabric.



Collection by Erica Pepe, Lidia Vigna.
Fabrics by tessuti Berto, Emmetex, Marini Industrie, Miroglio, Texmoda.
Fashion film by Tatiana Ciardo con la collaborazione di Federico Bressan, Sound Federico Franco, Make up Greta Mornata & Casilda Yajaira Perez Fortuna.