Puru Puru

Puru Puru is an onomatopoeic expression in Japanese used to evoke gelatinous substances of biological word of jellyfish and transitional life forms such as cocoons as they change to caterpillars and thence to butterflies.

The 5 looks bring out the versatility of the fabric and the potential of warp and weft. Deconstructed denim and expansive, flowing volumes are accompanied by exquisite needlework, inlays and filaments. Many of the fabrics and yarns used are composed of fibers coming from recovery processes.

The organic denim produced by Candiani is treated using Kitotex® Veg Technology, a biodegradable substance extracted from fungi and algae that removes all damaging chemicals from the production process and reduces water and energy consumption, with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certification.



Collection by Veikko Seppala, Vittoria Xerra.
Fabrics by Berto, Candiani, Emmetex, Filati Biagioli Modesto, Industria italiana filati, Marini Industrie, Miroglio.
Fashion film by Federica Murgia.