Quality of Life

Global society is moving towards a dimension of well-being pulling away from the production and consumption of objects to encourage experience, balance between professional and personal sphere, respect for values. Design, in its many areas, impacts on the quality of life not only directly, but also in innumerable ways that indirectly affect it.


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Smart electromagnetic cooking

Milan, July 1st 2019
Course: Product Design
In collaboration with: Midea

The Aurora project is an innovative induction cooking system equipped with a fully integrated intake unit and two intelligent cookware to guarantee maximum freedom and autonomy in the most different preparations.

Ennerev Retail Project

Venice, July 3rd 2019
Course: Interior Design
In collaboration with: Ennerev

Design proposals for the definition of a monobrand store with the use of modular solutions adaptable to different contexts and semi-finished products to enhance the manufacturing capacity and sustainability of the company production processes.

IED for Airbnb

Florence, 3 July 2019
Course: Comunicazione Pubblicitaria
In collaboration with: Airbnb

A communication campaign aimed at increasing awareness of Airbnb brand, both in terms of accommodation and experience. The focus is the development of tourism in the suburbs and rural areas for a local target of over 50.