An infinite network of cause-effect relationships, where each element influences others: cars, telephones, food, schools, tourism, banks. The goal is to re-design processes, products and services taking into account the future impacts. It is no longer possible to imagine citizens (and designers) who do not consider sustainability as a way to go through.
Today, IED is committed to setting up a training model where sustainability is embedded in the whole process, from research to distribution. This means working in a structured way teaching future designers how to develop their own responsible vision.


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New classic, new future!

Turin, June 27th 2019
Course: Fashion Design
In collaboration with: Majocchi

Fashion collections with a common creative and innovative matrix, made with highly innovative fabrics by Majocchi, a company combining contemporary production processes with a low environmental impact.

Maana ya smartphone

Milan, July 17th 2019
Course: Graphic Design

The thesis presents an analysis of the complex and dynamic issues connected to the extraction and marketing of minerals in the Republic of Congo; what has been done so far to try to improve the situation, what can still be done.


Rome, June 28th 2019
Course: Communication Design
In collaboration with: Italian Post

The students of Communication present a campaign telling the story of Poste Italiane as a player engaged in social projects that enhance employees allowing them to achieve their aspirations.


Cagliari, June 24th 2019
Course: Product Design

A temporary, modular and sustainable housing system designed for displacement situations related to natural disasters and emergency situations.


Milan, July 17th 2019
Course: Graphic Design
In collaboration with: Archeoclub d’Italia ONLUS

An App designed to bring people closer to lesser-known monuments and beauties, which creates a “human” relationship with them thanks to empathy.

The Golden Age of Trash

Milan, July 18th 2019
Course: Fashion Design

A collection of 25 outfits created exclusively through the recycling of waste materials, as pieces of an ideal exhibition in the year 2800. An exhibition dedicated to a raw material on Earth: the garbage.