Technological Innovation

A project is naturally innovative and for this reason it feeds on technology. Technology is not only a set of mechanisms and materials: it is the extension of a solution applied and adapted in a new way, it is the union of objects and skills of those who use them, it is the set of extended systems for production. Design feeds on technology, giving back to the planet ideas that aim to improve and innovate it.


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Cagliari, 25 June 25th 2019
Course: Fashion Design

Female “demi couture” collection in which the fabrics are processed through embroidery and manual interventions mixed with details of digital prints, laser cutting and 3D printing. The union of innovation and craftsmanship through techniques of experimentation on fabrics and materials.


Milan, July 8th 2019
Corso: Video Design, Sound Design, CG Animation
In collaboration with: Proxima Milano

A short film where visual effects play a fundamental role. In the near future, a multinational company will build humanoids to meet human needs, but something will not go as planned.


Rome, June 25th 2019
Course: Product Design
In collaboration with: BrainSigns srl

The students, in collaboration with BrainSigns, spin-off of the University “La Sapienza” in Rome, studied ergonomics, digital production technologies and innovative materials to design a headset capable of measuring the individual cognitive state.

Electric Luxury

Turin, 5 July 5th 2019
Course: Transportation Design
In collaboration with: Pininfarina

Students imagine the future of the brand not only by asking aesthetic questions, but also by reflecting on how the user’s driving experience will change. An interpretation of the concept of zero-emission luxury, with the introduction of interactive and cutting-edge devices.