February 15, 2013

BADWANNE Multifunction Baby Crib

Research and development are two key factors in the design of baby furniture. Designers give the greatest care and attention to any piece of furniture made specifically for babies, studying the most suitable shapes, materials and colours.

Leonardo Novella, a student attending the three-year course in Product Design at IED Roma, presented the prototype of a latest-generation baby crib in the context of the design program “Design for All”.

It’s called Badwanne and is made for babies from 0 to 4 months. Its minimalist design is softened by the insertion of a woollen band that can be used in two different ways. Badwanne can either be a cosy and practical crib that wraps the newborn baby up in the woollen band, preventing him or her from falling, or a comfortable seat for adults: by wrapping the band in a figure-eight shape around the two ends of the crib, it is actually possible to create a comfortable backrest. This allows Badwanne to be used as an elegant piece of furniture even when the child has grown up. Designed to be manufactured with eco-friendly materials, Badwanne is indeed a multifunction object created for different targets.