September 20, 2013

IED at Maker Faire Rome

From October 3 to 6, Rome becomes the hub for innovation, creativity and talent thanks to Maker Faire Rome, the first Maker Faire in Europe created, organized and promoted by Asset-Camera with the support of Tecnopolo, in collaboration with Arduino and Make magazine. The event intends to bring a new generation of Makers – the 21st-century craftsmen – to the attention of the general public, presenting Rome as the center of this community in Europe.

IED Roma contributes to this important event with IEDNOLOGY, CREATIVE MAKERS WORKSHOP, a showcase of the best experimental projects developed during the Courses in Light Design and Model Making within the three-year program in Product Design. The selected works include prototypes of interactive lamps with sensors and light sources, traditional games revisited through the use of innovative technologies, and experimental projects based on rotational molding techniques.

The IED Makers

IEDNOLOGY, Workshop of Interaction Light Design

Focusing on the field of Interaction Light Design, Thomas Borrelli integrates new technologies such as fuel cells and solar panels into an outdoor table lamp inspired by sustainable design principles. Edoardo Navarra uses a REED magnetic sensor to transform the lighting of a lamp into an intuitive and surprising experience. Using the same sensors, Silvia Gemma introduces RBG LEDs into a traditional spiral abacus to create games able to stimulate children’s cognitive processes. Moreno Onori re-interprets the “Musical Chairs” game by combining light and music through a microprocessor.

IEDNOLOGY, Workshop of Roto-moulding Experiments

Alessio Casciano, Mattia Bonavolontà, Marco Bonanni, Luca D’Elia, Enrico Martini and Giacomo Guttuso present the result of their research on rotational molding.

Maker Faire Rome represents the ideal place for bringing out the teaching methods used in the Product Design Course, based on practical experimentation applied to design, simulation of industrial processes in laboratory and interactions between humans and objects.

The aim is to investigate creative strategies able to turn ideas into functional objects ready for production. The projects are coordinated by Ely Rozenberg and Mauro Del Santo, teachers, respectively, of the courses in “Light and Interaction Design” and “Prototyping and Material Technology”.

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Maker Faire Rome
October 3 to 6
Palazzo dei Congressi, Rome