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The course of Graphic Design aims to form a designer of visual communication. This professional role foresees the ability to create communication tools, and to create the language and images which are capable of effectively transmitting the message and the value they are striving for.

Professional Profile: Graphic Artist, Visual Communications Manager, Multimedia Designer

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  • Credits
  • Start date
    August 2019
  • Duration
    3 years
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IED São Paulo’s Undergraduate Programme in Graphic Design is intended to have students reflect on the contemporary graphic culture, which is characterized by its dynamic features. The School prepares its students for the development of relevant projects that emphasize the power of communication and visual synthesis.

With a multidisciplinary team of professors comprised of outstanding professionals in their fields, the course stimulates creativity and practical development, as well as research and close attention to the trends in the field. For instance, the students experience all phases of an industrial process and have access to new tools and technologies, such as the Motion Graphics.

IED São Paulo’s students develop Design projects that are actual meeting points of economic, technical, technological, cultural, and aesthetic-functional fields. Technical visits to companies, constant contact with renowned Graphic Designers, and the use of current themes in works performed to elaborate a solid portfolio add up to their formation.

The Professional

Undergraduates of Graphic Design by IED São Paulo are prepared to work in different areas of Design, in small and large-size companies, as well as to open their own businesses or start initiatives in the service or governmental areas. They are qualified to develop graphic designs for newspapers, books, and magazines, as well as information pieces like pamphlets and folders, product packaging, posters, signs and signage systems, graphic concepts for exhibitions and events, and corporate visual identity. They are also prepared to perform roles as graphic producers and coordinators.

These professionals can work in different phases of the publishing and graphic process. Although they are challenged to find balance between contents and form, the Graphic Designer is not a mere intermediate between these two aspects. These professionals add contents or at least intensify them, making use of the technological tools available - illustrations, photographs, typography, etc.

The Graphic Designer, just like other Design professionals, is a trend-watcher of habits and consumption. As they interact with several fields, such as photography, production of texts, and consumer’s psychology, these professionals must be broad and complete.

Fields of Study

Culture: Modern Art, History of Cinema, History of Printing, Sociology of Communication, Semiotic Studies, Contemporary Visual Communication.
Techniques and Technology: Visual Language, Illustration Techniques, Typography, Photography, Computer Graphics (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign, Dreamweaver, AfterEffects), Polygraphic Technology, and Marketing.
Projects: Laboratory of Trends, Editorial Project, Graphic Project, Interface Design, Interdisciplinary Projects.

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Mari Pini - Course Coordinator

Mari Pini - Course Coordinator
Mari Pini is one of the most outstanding names in Editorial Design in Brazil. She has a major in Arts by FAAP and is a Master of Visual Communication by FAU-USP and an Art Director. Since 1977, she has dedicated herself to the creation of graphic design, visual identity, and visual communication in the editorial and corporate field. She develops Editorial Design for books, art catalogs, and institutional catalogs. In the field of culture, she creates and executes art and science exhibits and creates spaces and communications for specific events in the art and culture fields. In the 90’s, she was a member of the management of ADG - Associação de Designers Gráficos, and wrote “Prática Profissional do Designer Gráfico” (Professional Practice of the Graphic Designer). In the last few years, she has signed projects of Communication and Visual Identity of the Order of Cultural Merit for the Ministry of Culture, and the art exhibitions “Rembrandt - The Art of Etching” and “The Art of J. Borges, from Cordel (String Literature) to Wood Engraving” for Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil. Her pieces have received awards for their graphic excellence and flawless production, originality, and aesthetic qualities.