For years, our students have been distinguishing themselves professionally, nourishing both the Made in Italy phenomenon and production in their countries of origin with their creativity and competence.


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IED Design is the school’s concrete and complete response to the countless and diversified requirements of the professional design community. These days, design is a crucial constituent in every area of production, contributing contents, lexica, codes of expression and of form and technical and functional aspects. Street furnishings, fashion accessories, automobiles and IT hardware are just some of the fields where appreciation of the value of design has shot up in recent years. The designer is by definition an innovator of forms and functions, an interpreter and at the same time a precursor of emerging aesthetic lines and of contemporary functional requirements. The courses at  IED Design  are tailored to develop these gifts, while at the same time favouring the acquisition of extensive technical and design skills in the course of workshops and numerous active partnerships with leading industrial concerns.
São Paulo
A new home for colour, style energy and Paulista fashion.
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IED in Kiev

Lecture and workshop about 2020 trends in Fashion and Design by IED open to registration at IZONE, creative community in KIEV. The whole Ukrainian creative professionals is invited!

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São Paulo


Design as Essence

The new flagship of Brazilian chocolate brand Cacau Show is the work of RomeroLab, architecture and design studio founded by Tatiana Romero that used methods of Design Thinking and Mindset, Service Design, Design Ops, Journey Design, User Experience (UX) and User Interface from the ideation of the project to its realization.

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