Residence Permit


Students coming from a non-EU country

Foreign (non-EU) students in possession of a national Visa for long stays (more than 90 days), must request the Residence Permit to the competent authorities in Italy within 8 working days from the arrival into Italian territory.

The Residence Permit is granted for the same reason and for the same duration as indicated in the Visa and is the only official document authorizing their permanence in Italy.

In particular, the Residence Permit for study purposes is valid for one year and must be renewed 60 days before its expiry date.

The Residence Permit allows the foreigner student, together with his passport, to enter and leave the Schengen area and travel with no limitations for a period not exceeding 90 days per semester. Travellers must report their presence into the territory of other Schengen Countries to the respective police authorities, within 3 working days from the entry.

To apply for Residence Permit, students must go to an authorized post office, (the ones with ‘Sportello Amico’), where a dedicated kit is available:

In the Kit, only Form 1 – MOD 209  has to be filled in, signed and consigned to the Post Office, together with a copy of the following documents:

– Passport (1 copy of the main page and 2 copies of the page with the visa issued by the Italian Consulate / Embassy);
– Copy of Certificate of enrolment from IED (the document, in Italian language, must be stamped by the Italian Embassy in the country of origin);
– Copy of Health Insurance.

The following documents have to be be attached to the kit as well:

– The postal receipt of the payment of Euro 70.46;
– A stamp (Marca da bollo) of the value of Euro 16,00

When the kit is delivered to the Post Office, Euro 30.00 shall be paid.

The Post Office will issue two documents which must be preserved and presented at the appointment with the Immigration Office at the Police Headquarters:

– a receipt with a hologram,
– a letter containing all the information (date, time amd place) about the scheduled appointment with the Policemen to let them collect your fingerprints and your photo

For more information, visit the following sites: – Area Riservata Stranieri Il tuo Permesso di Soggiorno