Admission and enrollment

To gain admission to the selected Master course students must comply with IED Online Admission procedures on  IED Online Admission process foresees four steps:

1) Pre-enrollment process
2) Admission interview (if requiered)
3) Enrolment confirmation process
4) Matriculation process


Suggested timing:

Applications are open until the beginning of the course however to comply with its strict level of quality, and in order to guarantee the effective interaction among teaching staff and students, IED has a restricted number of available places to Master Courses. To be assured of having a place in the class applicants will have to complete the enrolment process as specified in point B3. Non-European students must also check with the local Spanish Diplomatic Authorities if, depending on the length of the requested course, they need to apply for a VISA. Procedures may take long time and follow specific time frames therefore applicants are suggested to start the application on time as IED will issue the necessary documentation to apply for a VISA upon completion of enrolment as specified in point B3.


a. Obtain login credentials: In order to start IED Online Admission process, students should get in touch with IED by requesting information through the website or directly clicking on APPLY NOW in the webpage of the relevant course. Check available courses on or
Login credentials will be sent to students via Email.

b. Login to and fill the forms with Personal Information.
c. Submit Minimum documents:
• Pre-enrollment form and Privacy-sheet duly filled and signed;
(Downloadable from the documents section of the personal area on • Copy of Identity document (valid Passport for non-European students)

• Copy of valid Bachelor Degree or equivalent Diploma, translated into Spanish or English • Copy of University Transcripts
• Letter of motivation in the language of the chosen course
• CV with description of work experience

• Supporting Portfolio of max 8MB*

* For some Master Courses Portfolio may not be compulsory. Specific program requirements can be found in the program brochure on the webpage of the selected Program at, IED invites applicants to submit a portfolio which may include drawings/illustrations, computer graphics projects, photos, research projects/dissertation projects on relevant topics, with a maximum size of 8MB.

The works should provide indications of the applicant’s creative potential and, if possible, give some insight into the chosen area of study.
If a proper portfolio is not available, the examination board would be glad to see a collection of works done in the past.

Suggested documents:
• Certificate of Proficiency in the language of the chosen course, in compliance with language requirements of the course (Required for Advanced Summer Courses and all Continuing Study Programs) if not available the student will have to take the Language Assessment Test



Once the Pre-enrollment forms and documents have been received and checked by IED, applicants will be allowed to undertake the Admission Interview.
In order to facilitate the admission process, IED offers the possibility to go through the whole admission interview process on-line using SKYPE as a platform. For this test a PC with Webcam, microphone, headset and speaker, a fast Internet connection (minimum ADSL 4Mb) and a Skype account are required. An on-site interview can be organized in special cases if the students are in Barcelona. The dates and time of the interview will be jointly agreed directly with IED Admission office.

Students without a language certificate or willing to apply to an advanced course without any of the extra documents will have to go through the Language Assessment test.

B2.1 The Language Assessment test

The Language Assessment Test aims at evaluating the language proficiency of the students and their capacity to reach the minimum levels required at the beginning of the program. The on-line English assessment test is carried out through Skype conference with one of IED advisors. If you have any questions regarding the Admission Test Interview process, please don’t hesitate to contact your Advisor.

B2.2 Admission Interview

In some cases IED Advisors can ask to applicants for a personal interview to check their motivation and background.


B3.1 Admission Confirmation
After the Validation of documents/Admission Interview applicants will receive from IED:
a. Certificate of Admission
b. Enrollment Form
c. IED Regulations
d. Instructions for payment
This will complete the admission phase, but will not guarantee the enrolment in the course.

B3.2 Enrolment Confirmation

• To be assured of having a place in the course applicants will have to confirm the enrolment by returning IED Regulations duly filled and signed, together with the proof of payment of the Enrolment Fee and Regional Tax (if required). The criterion used to determine the completion of the enrolment process by IED Barcelona is to check that the payment has been done and received in IED bank account.

• As soon as IED receives and IED Regulation duly filled and signed together with the proof of payment of the due amounts the Enrolment Kit (which confirms the enrolment in the course) will be made available on the student’s personal area.
• Non-European students will be sent originals of the Enrolment Kit documents necessary for applying for a Student Visa at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate.

Please note:

• Students must pay the Tuition Fee at least 30 days before the course starts.
• Students with incomplete dossiers and/or payments will not be admitted to class.

B3.3 Non-European Students – VISA and NIE Process

Non-European students will be sent originals of the Enrollment Kit documents. These documents, which include Enrollment Certificates, are necessary for applying for a Student Visa at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate. Non- European Students may have to apply for a student VISA at the nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate prior to leaving their home country. IED recommends students to apply for a multi-entry Schengen Visa whenever possible.

• Non-European students are advised to contact as soon as possible the Spanish Diplomatic Authorities in their countries for further information on VISA issues, as requirements are often subject to change.

• Since this process can take one month or more, applicants should ensure that all the procedures are started with sufficient time.

• In case of VISA refusal proven by official letter of Spanish Diplomatic Authorities or CADIVI (Venezuela) refuses to purchase foreign currency, the student may request partial reimbursement of the Enrollment Fee, provided that he/she can prove that all relevant documents had been presented within the established period of time. To do so, it is compulsory to submit the documents and/or the official documentary evidence and the amount of 300 Euros will be withheld by IED as administrative costs. Probably this visa expires in 90 days, so about a month of being in Spain Non-European students would apply for the NIE card (Identification Number for Foreigners).For more information about the NIE Process, you can visit our website ( or write to

B3.4 European Students

EU students do not need a student VISA to enter Spain. However, when they stay in Spain for longer than 3 months, the law requires them to obtain the NIE card (Identification Number for Foreigners).
For more information, you can visit our website ( or write to


To complete matriculation to the chosen course, students must proceed to:
• The payment of the Tuition Fee.
• Complete the Documents section in the Personal Area with all required documents.
• Non-Eu students: having arranged a visa before their arrival in Spain and started the process of obtaining their NIE.

Students with incomplete dossiers and/or payments will not receive the final Diploma.

If you have any questions regarding the whole Admission – Enrolment Process please don’t hesitate to contact your Advisor.