March 1, 2016

Shiwa presented at the 86th Geneva Motor Show

Shiwa this is the name of the new challenge leading to the future that the Turin Istituto Europeo di Design together with Quattroruote presented as a world preview at the 86th Geneva Motor Show (Hall 5 – n.5032 ).

SHIWA (4,700mm long, 2,000mm wide, 1,500 high and with a 3,660mm wheelbase) is a noiseless zero emissions self-driving vehicle with four seats and four electric motors integrated in the drivetrain. Shiwa – a Japanese word meaning “fold” that recalls an origami – is the basic concept starting from which the Korean student Youngjin Shim drafted her project, which was then developed by a team composed by her and eleven other Master students, including the Italian Luca Menicacci and the Indian Jaykishan Vithalbhai Lakhani.

The Shiwa cabin interior surfaces are designed to project multimedia contents towards the passengers, outdoors or to create an augmented reality. The cabin is designed to bring people together, thanks to the seats configuration disrupting the traditional passenger-driver hierarchy and delineating different spaces and uses and reinterpreting the concept of conversation and interaction inside the vehicle. Shiwa envelops the passengers both physically, in their sensory dimension and in all the relational aspects among themselves and with the outside world.

The drive system is AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) and uses 4 brushless motors mounted directly on the wheels, a totally electric power unit allowing the car to move with no emissions whatsoever. Shiwa is an IICV – Individual Identity Companion Vehicle: it learns the identity, interests and habits of its occupants, it recognizes their features and adapts its behaviour to circumstances and to passengers.


Shiwa is the brainchild of: Youngjin SHIM (Korea); Luca MENICACCI (Italy) and Jaykishan Vithalbhai LAKHANI (India)

Interior Design development: Jose Ignacio MARTINEZ FLORES (Ecuador)

Project contributors: Chen LUJIA (China); Charles Frederic Nestor CARRUPT (Switzerland); Mikhail D. SOUZA (India); Qichang LI (China); Kejin PAN (China); Alparslan TURHAN (Turkey); Gaurav UDAVANT (India) and Honghu ZHANG (China), students of the Master in Transportation Design IED Turin AY 2014/15.

Technical Sponsor: Cecomp, Newcast Services, Model Resine, OZ Racing and Pirelli

Shiwa was realized under the coordination of Alessandro Cipolli, Master in Transportation Design Coordinator and Davide Tealdi, IED teacher.

The project was carried out under the supervision of Fulvio Fantolino, Coordination of Transportation Design.