September 6, 2017

Lenovo ™ and IED: A style-based collaboration

Nowadays Design has become a fundamental aspect to influence the choice of new costumers and for this reason Lenovo has started a collaboration with IED with the aim to be closer to the tastes and choices of people.

A Creativity contest was launched among the 10,000 students IED in all the European Sites of the Institute inviting them to create a new graphic personalization for the cover of the new computer Lenovo Yoga 920 Vibes In limited edition realized in special Gorilla glass.

All final graphics selected needed to satisfy the requirements of a user attentive to performance, portability and versatility.

The final Prize of the contest was a scholarship supported by Lenovo.

More than 130 candidates from the Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Communication schools participated to the competition, and their work was evaluated by a commission of IED designers and Lenovo’s top managers.

After a careful evaluation, the jury selected the project called “vibes of Elengance” of the Italian student Louis Aymonod, student of IED Milan Product Design course of 21 years old.

The winning Graphic design gives the glass cover a feeling of movement or a “visual vibration”. The cover creates “a dynamic composition that emphasizes the vitality and the human side of the laptop. The button lines that propagate in space give a sense of vitality, the feeling of a huge potential ready to be release, both under the cover and inside the body of the PC “.

Yoga 920 Vibes (Limited Edition) was presented durring the world premiere at IFA in Berlin on Friday, September 1. The limited edition signed by Louis will be manufactured by Lenovo and soon available on the site