March 8, 2019


The Istituto Europeo di Design is at the Geneva International Motor Show to present Tomo, the electric concept car created in partnership with Honda Design. Tomo is the thesis project produced by the 13 students of the two-year Master in Transportation Design at IED Torino and it is the 15th model in real scale made by IED Torino.

The main idea behind Tomo was inspired by a manga story created by the Master students in Transportation Design a.y. 2017/18.

It’s 2025. Coner, a talented design student at IED, is working hard on an ambitious secret project. Coner is a sharp young man, very determined, outgoing and a dreamer, often lost in study for many hours of the night. He has no time for girls but he has lots of different interests like music and sports. Very sensitive to environmental issues, he divides his time among the city, the studio and the countryside where he has a small vegetable garden where he grows fruit and vegetables, the perfect urban farmer. The story tells of his daily life: a student in a big metropolis working hard on the development of a project that should meet the needs of his double life, urban and rural. To succeed in his ambitious mission he builds Tomo, an “extension” of himself, a sort of Deus ex Machina that will help him. So Coner finds his way and draws a car in line with his needs, discovering that a car can be a “friend” (hence the name of the model: Tomo, friend in Japanese) and can perform multiple functions. Tomo is a city car, but it is also designed to transport vegetables, so Coner can continue living his life as an urban farmer, in harmony with the values of ecology and respect for the environment that are part of his DNA. The story of Coner’s life describes the development of his project, which transforms an idea into reality: Tomo, which Coner presents at a world premier at the Geneva Motor Show.

The communications campaign for the manga story was developed by Matteo Milaneschi, Coordinator of the Communication Design Course, and Eleonora Antonioli, IED lecturer, together with Mara Artiglia, former student of the Illustration Course, Nicolò Allisiardi and Simone Imberti, former students of the Advertising Communications Course.


Honda selected the design of Ricardo Alejandro Campos Ortega (Mexico) for the main concept idea exterior, and the work of Rudraksh Banerjie (India) as main concept idea interior, which were both then further developed together with the other students of the Master in Transportation Design for the 2017/18 scholastic year: Tanmay Madhukar Chavan (India), Michele Corneliani (Italy), Shobhanjit Das (India), Alexander Marcel Fröse (Germany), Xiaole Ge (China), Ramón Emmanuel Hernández Cortés (Mexico), Tianchen Huang (China), Sameer Aminullah Khan (India), Saketh Nalla (India), Jay Shrikant Nibandhe (India), Yu-Jie Wang (Taiwan).

The Master in Transportation Design of IED Torino is coordinated by Alessandro Cipolli with the collaboration of Davide Tealdi, IED lecturer, and under the supervision of Luca Borgogno, Design Director Automobili Pininfarina, IED Transportation Coordinator.

Tomo was built by EDAG Italia

Technical sponsors: AM Costruzione Modelli, Clinic Car Italia, Srl, OZ Racing, Pirelli.


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