The Creative Professions of Accademia Aldo Galli in Como

Accademia Aldo Galli in Como is a fixture in the field of Advanced Artistic Education. The students at the end of their study path, in fact, are real expert in their fields.

The Fashion Textile Designer is familiar with the experimental technologies, the latter materials and the tools necessary to design collections of garments and accessories. 

The Furniture Designer uses design skills, the ability to work in a team and to interpret people’s needs to create objects unique in their kind.

The Restorer brings new life to artworks by combining traditional and modern techniques with the advance knowledge of the restoration materials. 

The Visual Artist is an expert in: drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, video making, installation and performative arts. The relational and entrepreneurial skills, moreover, allows him/her to get in touch with those who have the task of divulging artworks.



The Fashion Graduate Show is not a simple fashion showcase, but the apex of the complex research work on materials, drawings, colours and shapes carried out by the students of the Fashion Textile Design course. Supported by local companies, they have developed their own style by working as in real style/product offices, confronting with differences, difficulties, problems and outcomes. Receiving approvals and corrections. A way to grow both as professionals and individuals. 


Viola Bogarelli, student of the Restoration course, tells her experience in the stimulating environment of Como. Between the two available curriculum, one dedicated to stone materials restoration, and the other to artefacts painted on wooden or textile support, Viola chose the latter one and in the video she explains why. Eventually, she gives more details on the student life at the Academy: “Como is a young city, full of cultural and social events that foster the discussion between peers. The Academy, moreover, involves us every day in stimulating and creative projects.” Watch the video and find out more about the life at the Academy.


The Furniture Design students showcased their design and artistic skills, learned during the years, by creating a collection of futuristic-looking lamps that were presented at the Lake Como Design Fair. The study of materials and shapes has allowed the creation of charming objects that, while preserving their functionality, can be considered true works of art. Look at the gallery!


The Waves exhibition aims to ideally link the past, present and future of the Accademia Aldo Galli through the artistic sensitivity of several generations. Ivan Quaroni, Coordinator of the Painting and Visual Languages course, declares that the intention “was to create connection between the past, present and future of the Academy, also to re-establish a contact with the City. San Pietro in Atrio is a symbolic place, a central exhibition space in town. Waves is a way of bringing the Academy back to the cultural and social heart of the city by establishing a dialogue with the public institutions.” The exhibition, furthermore, represents a sort of portfolio of the works created by students during their studies. Find out more in the video!


Virtual Reality offers a new intuitive method to design in 3D. Future Nomad is the project presented at the 999 exhibition of La Triennale di Milano by Francesco Pusterla, Coordinator of the course in Furniture Design of the Accademia Aldo Galli. The exhibition questioned the concept of home, of living, of the sense of abode, in between the physical and digital world. During the event it was possible to co-design objects and environments thanks to a pair of virtual reality headsets. The creations have been saved and shared in an online catalog including all the spaces co-designed by students, visitors, architects and designers invited to the laboratory.


Look at the gallery and observe the students of the Five-years course in Restoration at work. The students combines the study of the artworks, of the executive techniques and of the cultural and scientific sectorial notions to learn how to effectively preserve artworks. The pictures refer to the work sites of Chiesa San Giovanni and Chiesa Santa Maria Assunta.


Fashion Textile Design

Coordinator: Alon Siman Tov
Como | Undergraduate Courses
Start Date: 14-10-2020

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Coordinators: Federica Colombani, Elena Luzzani
Como | Undergraduate Course
Start Date: 14-10-2020

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Furniture Design

Coordinator: Francesco Pusterla
Como | Undergraduate Courses
Start Date: 14-10-2020

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Painting and Visual Languages

Coordinator: Ivan Quaroni
Como | Undergraduate Courses
Start Date: 14-10-2020

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On the occasion of the new opening of Ostello Bello in Como a workshop was organized, in collaboration with the street artist Pao, to design a mural on the facade of the building. “It is a very interesting initiative” says the artist “because it has a practical aspect. It is not a purely theoretical thing that remains closed inside the classroom but it will actually be realized”. Watch in the video the students in Painting and Visual Languages interact directly with the artist and Michele Azzoni, from Ostello Bello, to complete the commissioned project.


The Miniartextil exhibition is an event hold in Como since 1991. The fair, that hosts internationally renowned artists, is focused on Textile Art or Fiber Art. Accademia Aldo Galli was present with a workshop in the former church of San Francesco. The Fashion Textile Design students, with artists and teachers, gave vent to their creativity and technical knowledge to revolutionise the ancient textile notions and create garments, accessories and works of art. Watch the video!