November 18, 2021

ADI Design Index 2021

The best of Italian design for the year includes two projects by IED Rome graduates.

The ADI (Association for Industrial Design) selected and published in the volume ADI Design Index 2021 two projects created in the design laboratories of IED Rome as thesis works for the three-year Product Design course.

The first, Format for an Italian ice cream parlour in China, by Jingnan Bian, Hao Tang and Yuping Yang, aims to replicate the format of a famous Roman gelateria, reworking the concept for the Chinese market. It is inspired by craftsmanship, with an explicit aesthetic reference to Italian Renaissance workshops. All aspects of the project have been developed in detail: from the interior furnishings to the dispensing counters, from the eating areas to the cornets, tubs, ice cream stands, staff uniforms, take-away packaging, and mobile applications. A communication based on Renaissance art was developed, as well as a couple of taste proposals utilising the local ingredients and aimed at a more traditional Chinese audience. This format has been nominated for the Targa Giovani award. This prize is awarded every two years (during the Compasso d’Oro award ceremony) to the most deserving thesis or teaching project.

Among the works developed within IED Rome, ADI selected and published (for the Design category) the work Revive by Francesco Della Monica.
This sophisticated device is designed to measure the instinctive response of the brain to various marketing and communication stimuli. Furthermore, it includes an amplifier of EEG brain signals along with software for capturing and calculating indicators such as attention, cognitive engagement, and appreciation. Born as a thesis project in 2019/2020 in collaboration with BrainSigns, it was then purchased by the company and refined during the last year with the support of Della Monica himself, who was hired by BrainSigns in their R&D area.

Congratulations to our graduates for entering the annual publication of the best Italian design!