November 3, 2021

At Cop26 in Glasgow the short film animated also by IED students

While the world looks to the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (Cop 26) for immediate actions and solutions aimed at safeguarding the environmental decline of the planet, the impact of climate change on the Earth (especially from the animal point of view) is shown by vivid moving illustrations of the animated short Who wants to live forever, which flow in all their raw poetry to the notes of the immortal Queen song.
The choral work, conceived and directed by Matteo Valenti (IED Milano Professor) and donated to Brian May’s Save Me Trust, is composed by several young authors from all corners of the Earth and was screened on November 1st, in Glasgow, in front of global authorities of the largest countries in the world.

Only 6 universities and academies from all over the world were involved, each one representing a “chapter” of the story: IED is the school involved for Europe, with the then Illustration and Animation students Lorenzo Barbolini and Kizito Schimera, who worked with tutors Riccardo Galiberti, Patrizia Russo and Rachele Santini making the project their final thesis, discussed in 2020.

The film Who wants to live forever (full version here) shows how our needs as human beings have pushed mother nature to the brink of extinction, with so many animal species threatened with extinction today at a rate thousands of times faster than at any other time in the past.

“Being able to work with Brian May was a great honour – says the director and screenwriter Matteo Valenti – just think that when I was 15, in 1986, after seeing “Highlander” in a summer open cinema, I was struck by the music of Queen and in a short time I bought all their records.  First I and Brian chose the song to use and after a few titles we agreed on “Who wants to live forever” which seemed to us the most suitable. Having a Queen song as the basis for the video meant giving an absolutely international reach to the project and so I thought of involving animation schools from every continent”.