IED Network

January 10, 2022


IED ensures the community that in all our Italian Campuses we keep monitoring the situation in order to take quickly the best decisions to protect the health of students, professors and employees at IED.

We can confirm that all the activities and modules taking place in laboratories will be held in presence as already planned for each Program, in full compliance with Health and Safety protocols and always following the Government directives.

The other modules will be mainly delivered by DAD and scheduled according to the specific needs of each Program, School and Campus until the beginning of the winter Exams Session (at the end of January), unless any new and different directions from the Health Authorities.

Master’s courses will maintain their planned online and/or presence programme, depending on the needs of the individual course.

Remote working mode is preferred, regulated through shifting principles that do not affect the functionality of services.

Finally, to further protect the community, it will be compulsory for everyone (students, faculty and staff) to wear FFP2 masks while in all the IED premises, including outdoors (courtyards and gardens) and, as defined by last Council of Ministers, from February all IED Professors will be requested to exhibit their Super Green Pass to access IED (see Government website). 

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