July 17, 2019

D&Ad Awards in London: three Pencils (including a gold one) to the campaigns of IED creatives

It was a project created for Durex, entitled Love Dealers, that convinced the prestigious London jury of the D&Ad Awards 2019 to award a Yellow Pencil, a gold (1st prize in the “New Blood” category) to 4 IED Milano students.

The winners at the most important international competition of advertising creativity are Francesca Lollino, Celeste Caiello, Marco Manni and Nicolò Danesi from the Master course in Creative Direction, authors of a campaign that aims to make the condom (often snubbed by young people, both Millennials and the Z generation) something cool because “forbidden”. The original concept involving the “love dealers” is proposed by IED Milano students through an urban street language that leverages on the atmosphere of trap music and young people’s attitude to rebellion, with a reinterpretation of the song Crushed up by the rapper Future. The four award-winning students were guided in the development of the campaign by Jack Blanga, coordinator of the IED Master in Creative Direction as well as Executive Creative Director of EY together with Nikolina Popovic, IED teacher and in turn Creative Director at DDB Prague.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that ‘Love Dealers’ overcame 400 contenders, got the Yellow Pencil, received the ovation of the whole room and the compliments of Durex. With its perfect mix of insight, idea, and a trap performance, it’s one of those works that any creative director would want in their portfolio,” comments Blanga. Winning the D&Ad is not a surprise, however, but confirmation of the excellent work we are doing at the IED Master in Creative Direction. Today the thanks go to my teachers, and in particular to the dedication put by Nikolina Popovic for this award. Go forward with the same passion for the next projects!”

The D&Ad of London also awarded two groups of students of the IED Milano Art Direction Lab Specialization Course with a Graphite Pencil each, two “silverware”, respectively for the project “Making a Good Product” developed for Adnams (authors are Alessio Di Bartolomeo, Enrico Bove and Andrea Plebe) and the project “La Fiesta de London” for Bacardi (by students Arianna Nitri, Elisabetta Molinari and Janaina Fonseca).

The two creative teams were led by tutor Lorenzo Picchiotti, Executive Creative Director and Partner of the DUDE agency, who comments: “The guys started working on the D&Ad briefs since the second lesson of the Art Direction Lab. I have to say that it was a real baptism of fire for the whole class. And to see two works awarded with a Pencil out of four projects entered can only fill me with pride. In both works we focused on very simple and direct ideas, the only way to face such a competition in the tight time frame we had. The project for Adnams included an intervention on the product itself, a change on the pack to be able to communicate sustainability by playing with the aesthetics of the brand. Fpr Bacardi instead, the group created an integrated campaign based on a strong insight, perfect for the target audience”.