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January 16, 2019

Early Bird IED Summer programs

Admissions to IED Summer School 2019 are now open!

No matter what your academic focus is, at IED Summer School you may find a summer program that will allow you to gain new abilities or complete and enhance specific skills and knowledge.

Book now and complete your enrollment process in order to take advantage of the promotion offers for IED summer courses

15% discount on the tuition fee till April 12th for summer courses in Italy – Choose your course

5% discount on the tuition fee till April 30th for summer courses in Spain – Choose your course

Taught in English or Spanish these 1 to 4 weeks programs are a strategic combination of lectures, workshops, visits to companies, fairs, showrooms, and museums,  under the guidance of  IED ‘s experienced and passionate staff.

Take a look through the IED Summer programs to learn more about the opportunities waiting for you.