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October 13, 2021

Global Goals Jam 2021 draws to an end: Design Thinking, SDGs and Transformative Resilience

The fourth edition of the Global Goals Jam in Italy hosted by the IED in Milan and Rome, under the patronage of the two municipalities, ended a few weeks ago. The design endeavour that leads Jammers to translate the SDGs in local situations and bring about change, albeit on a small scale, was finally once again tackled “live” on campus. 

Urban nature and digital pollution are the two aspects that were explored, with the process resulting in four viable creative solutions. Back2reality4future is a digital pollution information campaign devised by the Jammers in Rome, involving companies interested in stimulating even a partial return to real-life activities, highlighting the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere by website servers. The focus was also on digital pollution in Milan, this time looking at the disposal of electronic devices. Electric Avenue is a creative hub open to electronics students who can offer their skills in repairing and using devices properly, as well as being open to artists and creatives able to give new life to individual parts. 

On the subject of urban nature, Green UNIverse is primarily aimed at university students to engage them in contributing to the creation of “widespread campus” beyond institutional walls. A network of municipalities, built environments – private and public -, universities, green spaces and students with the shared objective of offering and using the best green “universes” in the city centre of Milan for educational and self-study purposes. A free space for your free mind also operates along these lines: Rome is one of the cities with the most green spaces in Europe, many of which are little-known, especially on the outskirts. An app will allow individuals to book their own space of varying size according to their needs and take responsibility for it: “temporary” boxes will be created, dedicated to painting in the open air, photographic sets, group reading sessions, yoga, tai chi or dance. There will also be a system in place to assess how the area is being managed. 

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Credits Photo: Stefano Casati