November 7, 2014

Home Sweet Home. A pop-up exhibition of the One Year courses of the IED Visual Madrid

If you like editorial design, photography, illustrationexperience design and digital arts, on Friday the 14th of November you must visit the IED Madrid. The Visual Communication school invites you to get to know its One Year courses through a stage design that will introduce you to each of these disciplines.

We will welcome you to a space that recreates the rooms in a house, three bedrooms and a living room. In each of the rooms you will experience the reality that surrounds these disciplines, and, in the living room, whilst you enjoy a relaxed drink, you will have a chance to speak to the directors and collaborators of these three interesting courses, to discuss any issues or questions you may have.

Image: Pepa Prieto Puy

Home Sweet Home. A pop-up exhibition of the One Year Courses at the IED Visual Madrid

Friday the 14th of November, 2014
Opening hours: From 17.00 h. to 19.00 h.
Venue: Gabinete de Exposiciones
IED Madrid. C/ Flor Alta, 8.
Free entrance


Higher Qualification in Graphic Design
One Year Course in Digital Arts and Experience Design
One Year Course in Photography and Design
One Year Course in Illustration and Visual Communication

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