IED Network

May 3, 2021

Ida Kvist: a IED Alumni helping younger students with their portfolios

Ida is a Swedish Graphic Designer who graduated from IED Milano in 2017 and is currently living and working in Florence.
Last month, she was chosen by IED and its partner Blueberry College & Universitet – an agency that helps students with their application process for schools abroad, entirely for free – to hold a webinar for Swedish students on how to create an attractive portfolio, the main tool for designers to present their works.

As a professional designer, she inspired potential design students to pursue a career in the creative industry by starting with specific studies at IED. She told them about her time at IED Milano and the meaningful experiences she acquired during her studies that helped her build a career in Italy.

She also showed some pieces from her portfolio, covering different design areas:

Here’s an excerpt of her interview for

What was the best thing about studying in Milan?
The best thing about studying in Milan is that you are in the middle of a city with a long history, which is also constantly evolving, especially in the creative areas. This applies to, among other things, graphic fonts, car design, fashion and furniture. It is fantastic to live in a city that offers a lot of possibilities. Many events are organized, such as the annual Salone del mobile (furniture and design fair) and Fuorisalone (open showrooms and events around the city).

What is the best thing about working as a designer?
The best thing about working as a designer is having the opportunity and tools to design products that do not already exist. The great thing about design is that it is always evolving (when it comes to trends, new programs, technology …) and it means that you are also constantly developing yourself, during the study years but also in job situations. There are no limits to how much you can learn. In addition, if you start in one design area, you can quite easily move on to another, because they are intertwined and based on the same basic thinking.