June 5, 2020

IED Alumni: Amal Alil and his passion for visual creations

Amal met IED on 2015 during Azerbaijan Fashion Week in Baku when he won a summer scholarships to study in graphic design in IED Firenze.

“This was my first European education and experience, I wanted to do a great job. All our teachers were professionals in their field and helped us in every way. They listened attentively to every question and gave valuable advice.”

Living in Italy and IED education has been a turning point in his life. Amal discovered the skills of constant development and constant creation. Florence, with its ancient culture and architecture and its magnificent history, encouraged him to discover his creativity.

To all the upcoming IED students he says: “As long as you have the energy and enthusiasm, develop your skills and knowledge. The important thing is to make your work unique. Having your own style will always keep you one step ahead of the others”.

Amal has been working at BEAT Group for 4 years as a major graphic designer. Before that, he worked in many companies as a graphic designer in Baku offices of global companies such as GENNA and McCANN.