July 20, 2020

IED Alumni: Ghada Ibrahim Mohamed

Ghada Ibrahim Mohamed is native of Giza, Egypt. Before enrolling in IED she has worked for a renowned design studio in her country first as a Communication Manager and later as responsible for the branding department. The Master in Brand Management and Communication of IED Milano introduced her to new methodologies and tools but also to professionals from different industries.

“I think the most interesting aspect of the Master” Ghada confesses “was being the tutor of my class, the experience was definitely sometimes challenging. Trying to balance being a student like everyone else but also being a tutor which allowed me to work with administrative team. The whole experience allowed me to know myself better and also redefine what I wanted on both the personal and professional front”.

Actually, Ghada works as an independent Branding and Design Management consultant in her own business called Little Circus. Her services range from brand strategy to design management and brand identity creation. Little Circus approach is based on the concept of “structured creativity” which first allows them to validate their work based on research and also take the client through the entire thought process and explain the reasoning behind branding and design recommendations. With her team, moreover, she has created one of the first design and interior
platforms in Egypt use to share their knowledge in the field.

Eventually, Ghada suggestion for new students is to make the most out of the experience at IED because “you never know who would you run into and how it would change the course of your personal or professional life”. For instance, she got the opportunity to work in London with Sasha Vidakovic, one of the lecturers she had met during the program.