June 19, 2020

IED Alumni: Laura Anastasio

When Laura was a child she used to spend most of her time observing the works of her parents: sculptures, paintings and design works. Since then visual art has become a passion that has been further strengthened during the school years at the Istituto Europeo di Design.

Laura Anastasio is now an internationally awarded freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator. She has lived between London and Berlin where she has worked on her own and for important companies; currently she lives in Milan.

“It often happens to me to enrich with illustrations a project that initially was only supposed to be graphic, and vice versa” she says in reference to her work “I find it very amusing and satisfying to be able to act on these two dimensions with freedom and awareness. I believe, however” Laura adds “that the best thing is to be able to work anywhere in the world, no matter where I am: images are a universal language”.

The path at IED Roma began with the Undergraduate course in Graphic Design.

“Studying graphic design has helped me find my visual language. Getting closer to this discipline made me to understand how I wanted to communicate with my images: synthesis, readability and immediacy” reveals Laura.

Later, she decided to improve her professional profile by attending the Master course in Art Direction at IED Roma. The project she was most passionate about was her thesis:

“It was about updating the coordinated image of an independent jewelry brand. I was able to reconstruct all the imagery and communication, using both graphics and illustration. I understood that I wanted to continue in this direction and that’s practically what I’m doing right now”.

Her peculiar style, which combines elements of graphics and illustration in “macro logos”, as Laura defines them, earned her the silver medal of the Society of Illustrators in New York for the cover of the book “L’inferno nel cervello – Il genio e la pazzia di Vincent Van Gogh“.

“The title of the book is extremely powerful and illustrative, I remember to have imagined immediately how I would have created the cover. As sometimes happens, the first sketch was the most successful; rather, I spent more time deciding on the final colours combination. The initial version was very psychedelic, but I realized that I was overloading it. Van Gogh’s face is already very iconic itself, so I decided to enhance only the shapes of his face and opted for a grey scale”

Her works have been showcased all over the world, but the exhibition she is most proud of is the one held in Tokyo at the Yoyogi Gallery, entitled “Tokyo: A visual journey”.

“I made prints of about one meter of the illustrations contained in a previously self-produced book and then manually applied the details in gold leaf; it was a meticulous but very significant work for me. In the main drawing of the collection I represented the temple of Togo, which inspired the whole project, and which is located just a few meters from the gallery. It was exciting to bring those drawings to their home.”

In conclusion, we asked Laura to give an advice to those who dream of working in the world of illustration or graphic design:

“I think it’s very important to consider the bureaucratic aspect of this profession. In addition to the creative aspect, you have to learn how to manage the relationship with the clients from a technical point of view, for example: setting your own price list, writing contracts, informing yourself  about the copyright. And finally: never work for free and ignore the trends to avoid of being pushed out of the market”.

We want to thank Laura for telling us about her experience. Here you can find her personal website and here her Instagram account.

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