October 2, 2020

IED Alumni: Michelle El Gemayel

Before enrolling to IED Michelle was working in Advertising & Marketing as well as large scale event operations in Abu Dhabi. After almost 2 years, she felt like it was the right time to enroll in a master course in the fashion field.

By then she found IED Master in Fashion Business and 6 months later she moved to IED Firenze.

Right after IED Master she was lucky enough to get a job as a Middle East Marketing Specialist at Luisaviaroma where she learned so much about the digital world in retail. Then she decided to launch her own independent career. “During the course, I got a better idea of the whole fashion system and how it functions, from history to production and management. The course gave us a broad spectrum of the industry.”

She had the chance to visit some interesting fashion houses based in Tuscany and most importantly working with big companies like Monna Lisa and Roda for the thesis.

Currently Michelle is a freelance Digital Marketing consultant, working for several fashion houses based in the middle east. Her plan is to bring her experience to Beirut a small country with big talents, and that’s what she is focusing on at the moment as the market lacks knowledge and know-how with everything that regards luxury e-commerce.