IED Network

May 25, 2020

IED Alumni: organising art events, Anna Shvets

Art is the reflection of the culture. In fact, these two elements cannot exist separately. Human beings have always expressed themselves through tangible representations of their feelings, beliefs, hopes and fears and the resulting works of art carry powerful messages.

To make artworks enjoyable to everyone, though, there is the need of specialised figures that can manage them and organise events from start to finish to showcase the peculiarities and the hidden meanings intended by the authors.

Anna Shvets, former student of the Master course in Arts Management, used to organise events for big corporation but also for embassies. The latter ones, focused on culture, nudged Anna to deepen her knowledge about art: “It was always exciting for me to show culture and art of different countries making it the language connecting various nations”.

During the course she learned to manage art projects by identifying innovative contents, to structure a complete programme for an event, to plan and develop fundraising events and managing resources.

In addition, her classmates – coming from all over the world – gave her an international perspective on art exhibition design.

After graduating, Anna has directed and produced the Antartic Biennale and later she has organised the Dark Paradise Art Exhibition that has brought her to the Galapagos Island.