July 18, 2019

IED Alumni: Thomas Marsan

Thomas Marsan arrives at IED Venezia motivated by the desire of having a more direct confrontation with authorship and creativity, after having graduated in Philosophy in Bologna and having worked in Paris and at Wesleyan University, in Connecticut.

The Master course in Curartorial Practice gave him the chance to get in touch with art and its different voices and faces not only though books, but also thanks to the close contact with several art professionals and experiencing himself what being a Curator is like. Yet during the studies he worked as Assistant for Curators in Venice and Prague, and he wrote a fashion editorial for French Gala Magazine.

Today, he is now Coordinator of an artist residency programme called Launch Pad LaB, between London and South-West of France. Part of the job is running all the administration related to the production of artworks before and during the residency as well as documenting the artists’ progress in and around their studio. He has to collect information and filter personalities in order to achieve the final output of a project, that could be an exhibition.

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