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November 9, 2017

IED at Dubai Design Week

IED is protagonist at Dubai Design Week 2017 with 4 projects by IED Alumni displayed in three different venues: YULIA and HYDRA, projects by IED Barcelona at Global Grad Show, BISU, project by Matteo Congiu at Downtown Design (Italian Luxury Interiors), and the ARTHROPOD LAMP by Ghassan Salameh at D3’s MIDDLE EAST: DESIGN NOW.

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YULIA and HYDRA at Global Grad Show

‘Yulia’ allows the synchronization of a group of mobile devices with the aim of transforming them into a single sound system. It only requires an invitation to the event, and it operates like an amplifier gadget once it is adapted to the phone. During Sónar+D it was presented at the international conference about the relationship between creativity and technology. A project with the collaboration of I+ED Lab and the technical support of Digio. Designers from IED Barcelona: Junior González, Spanish/Venezuelan Visual Designer based in Dubai. Skilled in motion graphics and digital media, paper publishing, corporate and brand identity, UX and UI, and illustration. Danae Fischer, Art Director in construction - Graphic Design Student at IED Barcelona. Alberto Martínez, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Artist, involved in interdisciplinary work, material sciences, architecture and a new appreciation of form and colour with an endless range of applications.
Hydra is a design solution for the digital workplace of the future. Real workplaces today are very different from the clean, seamless visions of futuristic corporate videos. What do we mean when we say digital workplace then? The digital workplace is where the employees and organizations collide, each bringing their own set of personal experiences and expectations. Hydra creates better ways for the right information to be in the right places at the right times; understanding how information flows through people, devices and spaces. Designers from IED Barcelona: Jordi Pedemonte, Industrial and Space Designer at Emiliana Design Studio, freelance designer for international companies or institutions such as Vibia, Kettal, Cascando, Nola, Tres Tintas, Valsecchi 1918, Eno France, Nanimarquina, Centre d’Art La Panera, CCCB Barcelona. Robert A. Sampson, Communication and Media Consultant for industry leaders in interior and furniture design. Teresa Schwartzmann, Designer and Interior Architect specialized in Visual Merchandising with experience in planning and execution of new stores.
Global Grad Show is an exhibition of student works from the world’s leading design schools, held each November as part of Dubai Design Week. Since launching in 2015, the show has grown to become the world’s largest student gathering. For its third edition, the exhibition is set to include works from 92 universities from 43 countries.

BISU by OTQ at Dubai Design Days (Italian Luxury Interiors)

Bisu is the first cork bed in the world that is capable to join functionality, ethics of well-being and design. The absence of metallic components, the naturalness of cork, its antistatic properties protect the sleep from the destabilising action of magnetic and electrostatic flows.
There is an island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea where wood manufacturing finds its roots. It is the Sardinia island, a thousand-year old land of know-how and well-established dedication to production, where three generations of artisans of the company “Sud Legno” have been passing down the art of carpentry from father to son in an ever-lasting relationship of passion and quality. OTQ is an idea of innovation mixing a company experience of more than three decades and the project ambition of the young designer Matteo Congiu, the last in line of the great family of “Sud Legno”.
Matteo grew up inside the family-owned business, and has been combining his secondary-school education with the experience of the wood manufacturing processes. He trained as designer at IED Milano, where he focused on the relationship between artisanal techniques and new technologies. After his BA, he earned a Master’s in Digital Fabrication thanks to a scholarship sponsored by IED and Samsung Italia.
The Italian Luxury Interiors – ILI Exhibition is an annual exhibition held in Dubai to celebrate excellence in Italian furniture and complements in the UAE. It has established as the Official Italian Pavilion at Downtown Design. The Pavilion is organized by the Italian Trade Agency in collaboration with CNA and Confartigianato (Italian associations of Artisans and Small-Medium Enterprises). On show at the ILI Exhibition this year, a tight circle of firms working in areas spanning from furniture to textiles and lighting, displaying a vast assortment of materials such as cork, leather, marble, ceramic, glass, and iron.
Downtown Design is the only platform in the Middle East for the region’s trade professionals to discover original, high quality design from all over the world.


Arthropods are one of the omnipresent groups of living organisms on the planet. Remarkably, the enormous variety of eye designs and light-capturing mechanisms found in various arthropod species alludes to the extent to which nature has innately attempted to develop solutions for helping its fellows in overcoming their visual limitations…Thus comes the inspiration for this line of steel fixtures, focusing most of all on versatility in favor of the general, specific, or exceptional mood in any given space. The fixtures are made out of raw iron, gold brass, red copper and polished stainless steel attached together by multi-directional hand-milled hinges all along the axles. Each joint rotates in 4 different angles allowing the user to direct and redirect the lighting according to the space’s need.
As an interdisciplinary conceptual and solution oriented designer, his projects occupy an in-between space where product design and conceptual art meet. After acquiring a European Design Labs Masters degree from IED Madrid, Ghassan Salameh set up his studio in Beirut to focus on light, furniture and object designs, gaining from an accumulated experience in print and digital graphics, product design, set design, web and digital interactive design.
The d3 exhibition titled Middle East: Design Now!looks at traditional materials and design methodologies, portraying designers and artists from a variety of creative fields and diverse mediums. Featuring designers from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, Middle East: Design Now! is a reflection of the broad spectrum of creative talent and expertise in the Middle East. Already on show at London Design Festival Designjuntion, the exhibition will be featured again at Dubai Design Week.


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