IED Network

November 26, 2018

IED at ELIA Biennal Conference

ELIA Biennial is the largest conference on Higher Arts Education. The 15th edition, from November 21st to 24th 2018, has been hosted by Codarts University of the Arts and Willem de Kooning Academy/Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam, focusing on Resilience and the City: Art, Education, Urbanism.

IED took part in the event presenting a report of the activity of the Smart City Department and Resilient Office at City of Milan Municipality, headed by Piero Pellizzaro, coauthor of the paper, together with Andrea Tosi, in charge of International Academic Relations at IED. The two discussed on massive chances, on what design means and on how to foster the city’s resilience through social innovation and inclusion.
They explained how an emerging resilience strategy is possible from objects/services, conceived to be interlinked in an entire network, thanks to the city ability to respond to adverse events and to deliver functions and services to all populations.

A Resilient city is capable to live and grow rapidly, innovating and adapting its shape and patterns of life and organization in response to new challenges, mainly during critical or unforeseen situations or even emergency. Resilient is a city that organizes itself to do so by activating its capacity of planning and its government, involving the local community (citizens and their representatives, the business sector and scientific research). The city of Milan is member of 100 Resilient Cities—pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation with a Resilient Office headed by Mr. Pelizzaro and aimed at propelling the city through the process of building resilience, especially through actions of urban regeneration to eliminate tangible and intangible barriers, while ensuring equitable access to public services and the introduction of technological innovations for urban connectivity and social inclusion.

Well known for Italy’s financial, commercial, and industrial centre, Milan is also a World capital for fashion and design culture.