June 12, 2019

IED at Graduate Fashion Week in London 2019

On June 2nd – 5th 2019, IED Milano participated in the Graduate Fashion Week in London – showcasing the very best students and graduates from the most influential and inspiring universities around the world, the future of creative design talents.

The thesis project Invisible Made Visible by Beatrice Marini – graduated in Jewelry Design at IED Milano – won the Materials & Embellishments award, one of the three categories this year’s INTERNATIONAL ARTEFACT INNOVATION AWARD was divided into.

The jury of the award promoted by Crisden, a luxury accessories company, was won over by the innovation and originality of the project with which Beatrice Marini graduated last year.

Invisible made Visible is a collection of pins that involves the use of a totally sustainable material, called MICROBAL SKIN, produced by the symbiosis between bacteria and yeasts (fungi). A mixture of water and sugar, in the presence of oxygen, gives them the right conditions to grow and after a period of cultivation of microorganisms and fermentation the result is a spongy and slippery substance, which once dried and treated to make it impermeable resembles human skin.

Hence the collection of pins created with the use – alongside microbial skin – of fabrics (silk or nylon) and precious metals, as well as plating processes.

Another former IED student participated in the event, Cecilia Juarez Balta, whose folksy lineup was rewarded with the Vogue Talents award within the frame of Milano Moda Graduate in 2018.