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July 5, 2018

IED Barcelona – International Curator at Bogotá Fashion Week 2018

An international team of fashion professionals and teachers from IED Barcelona, headed by Anna Sabater, were entrusted the task of curating the 2018 edition of BFW. Under the theme The Origins of Colombian Culture, their goal has been to highlight and promote the talent of emerging and long‑standing Colombian creators on an international scale.

A team of six internationally acclaimed fashion designers and consultants worked shoulder to shoulder with the Bogota Chamber of Commerce to guide the 40 chosen designers through the process of developing the collections they would be presenting at BFW 2018 the ultimate fashion business event in Bogota, which took place in April, from 24th to 27th in the Colombian capital.

The team of curators was led by Anna Sabater, a coordinator and lecturer at IED Barcelona who founded the strategic fashion consultancy and product firm Its About Product, together with footwear designer Juan Antonio López, a specialist in leather goods and footwear, and Isabel Uribe, an expert in jewellery and the owner of Alolo Jewellery.

The curating experience
The second edition of Bogota Fashion Week was inspired by the theme of The Origins of Colombian Culture. The event was dominated by two key scenarios: an area dedicated to fashion shows and a space devoted to showrooms and pop‑up stores. The designers based their collections on this chosen theme divided into four key categories: tradition, magical stories, wildlife, art and architecture.

Creativity & Business Scholarships
IED Spain (Barcelona & Madrid) has awarded two Creativity & Business Scholarshipsto the best collections chosen by the team of curators, who based their decision on the creative process involved, the talent shown and the ability to create a brand and a business. The winners of this second edition of BFW were the emerging leather goods label Flora & Victoria and the also newly‑founded knitwear firm Hebrante.  

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