IED Network

April 1, 2020


The green approach of IED Torino students was the protagonist of Talent For France 2020, the second edition of the international contest promoted by Agorize – platform for open innovation – in collaboration with leading companies in their respective sectors. Selected among more than 2500 students and young professionals from 83 countries, the students of the Undergraduate courses in Communication Design and Product Design won four prizes. Invited to Paris to participate in the award ceremony, held on January 14 at the French Ministry of Economy and Finance in Bercy, the young creatives presented their projects to an audience of experts, entrepreneurs, managers and journalists, triumphing in the Smart Retail and Smart Mobility categories thanks to innovative ideas characterized by a focused attention on sustainability and, in particular, on the respect for the environment and people.

Two Smart Retail Prizes were awarded to students in the third year of Communication Design with projects developed in response to the challenge launched by the client PSA Retail: how can the Peugeout, Citroen, DS Automoviles and Opel dealerships become better workplaces and enter the rankigs for the best workplaces? The group formed by Francesca Argamante, Simone Bonanno, Eugenio Gavarrino and Eleonora Dini took the second place with Journey of a Life Time, a journey across continents for PSA employees, aimed at reducing physical and mental distances and fostering a sense of connection and cohesion among the company’s staff. The first prize was won by the team of Martina Baù, Patrick Buffa, Alessio Caminiti and Alessandro Saccotelli with Clorophilia Ecosystem, a system of greenhouses for plants at risk of extinction that can be fed remotely, to be implemented in the stores to create virtual connections capable of real actions.

Third-year Product Design students Luca Casalino and Silvio Vurro developed Gefsmart, an innovative solution for the simultaneous transport of goods and people for Gefco, company leader in Europe for logistics and specialized in complex supply chains, to imagine the logistics of tomorrow’s cities. Capable of reducing pollution and congestions at the same time, the principal aim was to connect the suburbs to the centres. The project came second in the category, moreover, it won the Agorize’s Favourite Prize, a 3000 euros prize destined by Agorize to the proposal that best meets the criteria of creativity, relevance and impact among all those competing in the five competing categories.